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FAQ - Billing  

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 Account Set Up: Billing

  1. When does VSI bill my credit card ?
  2. Can I pay by check ?
  3. What if I have billing questions or concerns ?
  4. What if I decide to cancel my account ?
  5. What kind of reports will I get ?


  1. When does VSI bill my credit card ?
    When you first open your account, VSI will bill your credit card for your monthly estimate and give you a credit limit equal to your monthly estimate and will not bill you unless you reach your credit limit or after 30 days, whichever comes first. If you reach your VSI credit limit within the first 30 days, you will be billed at that time. This will in fact be a new monthly contract, the previous one being replaced and unused services will be credited based on the remaining days of the original contract. VSI will then raise your credit limit to your new estimate and will not charge your credit card until you reach that limit or until the end of the next 30-day period. When you reach your limit, any portion of unused services will be forwarded to your new period. If you lower your monthly service charge your next invoice will reflect the change. No credit or surcharge will be applied in this cases.
    Note: the calculation for unused service is based on a 30 day contract, so if you have say 10 days left, your new contract (invoice) will show a cost of $ .66 for an item with a monthly charge of $ 1.00 for the next 30 days. Bandwidth usage that exceed your estimate will be charged on your next bill.
  2. Can I pay by check ?
    We do not accept payment by check at this time. The only alternative to credit card is Paypal and wire transfer. 
  3. What if I have billing question or concern ?
    We understand that online transactions require trust. In particular, we take billing and credit card security very seriously. If you have refund or credit requests or concerns about your account charges, whether they're related to security issues or not, please let us know. However, because e-mail is not a secure means of communication, please do not e-mail us your credit card number or account password. We should be able to resolve the issue without this information. Please do provide us with your account's e-mail address and as much other information as possible regarding the matter. A VSI specialist will review your e-mail and work to reach a solution as quickly as possible.
  4. What if I decide to cancel my account ?
    Our goal is to provide you with the most effective web hosting service available. However, if you still wish to cancel, we encourage you to let us know why VSI didn't work for you. Our specialists will carefully review your suggestions. VSI is a new program, and we're constantly improving the user interface and the program itself. We hope you'll try VSI again in the future when it may better suit your needs.
    Our cancellation policy is detailed in our Terms and Conditions.
  5. What kind of reports will I get ?
    VSI provides full online reporting for your accounts. We do not currently mail invoices or reports, but you can access your personal reports online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to see your billing details.
  6. We make every effort to provide accurate reports; therefore, no measurements other than those maintained by VSI shall be accepted for reporting or payment purposes.


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