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Resources for Web Masters  

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CGI / JavaScript

Tutorials - code samples




CGI Resource Index - over 3000 cgi scripts


FormMail Script Download - Download latest version of FormMail


HotScripts - CGI, JavaScript, Perl and many more useful scripts


Introduction to CGI - from NCSA


Introduction to Server Side Includes - from NCSA


JavaScript Tutorials - from Builder.com


JavaScripts.com - from Internet.com


Matt's Script Archive - Free Perl CGI scripts


U Guest It Guestbook - Easy installation, extensive customizations





DHTML Topics - Tutorials - Code samples




Beginner's Guide to DHTML - from DaveCentral.com


DHTML Central - find DHTML scripts, demos, tutorials and help.


DHTML Shock - Free DHTML and JavaScript


DHTML Tutorial - from WebMonkey


DynamicDrive Code Library - lots of great free DHTML scripts




Graphics / Banners

Tools to create graphics and compress web images.




FireWorks MX - Add special effects on the fly. Great compression levels.


Free 3D text - Free online 3D text utility


jpeg Wizard - Free online image compression utility


Paint Shop Pro - Web graphic builder and photo editor. Tons of special effects


Quickbanner - Free banner creation tool




HTML / Forms

HTML and Form Topics and Tutorials




Fun With Frames - from Builder.com


HTML Form Tutorial - from WebMonkey


HTML Goodies


Introduction to Forms - from NCSA





JavaServer Pages - Dynamically Generated Web Content




Tomcat Jakarta Project


The Source for Java Technology





Topics - Tutorials




Beginning MySQL Tutorial - from DevShed


MySQL Home


MySQL Version History - change log for version 3.23.x


PHP/MySQL Tutorial - from WebMonkey


Setup a MySQL based website - from LinuxPlanet





Topics - Tutorials - Code




DevShed PHP


HotScripts - PHP - Many useful PHP scripts


PHP Club


PHP faqts - Lots of PHP links and resources


PHP Home


PHP Version Updates






Tools / Utilities

Free and commercial utilities/downloads




WS_FTP LE - free 32bit ftp utility




MouseOver Button Wizard 2.2 - 1.2MB free download for Windows platform


SecureCRT - $99 Secure SSH utility


WinZip - Archive utility for Windows


Cute FTP - free trial download




Web Development Software

HTML Editors and Commercial Development Tools




Adobe GoLive




HotMetal Pro - purchased by Corel 3/15/02


Microsoft FrontPage


NetObjects Fusion MX


TextPad - excellent text editor for Windows




Webmaster Development

General development sites with many topics like, HTML, PHP, Perl, etc.






EarthwebDeveloper.com - from Internet.com


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